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Our Services

We celebrate creativity by working with various designer teams to create and offer the most suitable interior and exterior design exclusively for your house. Then, we offer design advice and full support. We initiate the design based on the client's requirements.

Construction Services

Technical expertise in construction is a key support to make this happen. Projects benefit from the overall expert services in every stage of the construction timeline.We also have significant experience in reinforced concrete structure, steel work, brick and block work. Services also include site inspection progress control and non-destructive testing services. Plumbing, electricity and HVAC systems are included.

Project Management

Every project has unique requirements and must maintain a schedule. We minimise risks and keep costs under control.  Make your house construction plan simpler with one-direct report to the customer, eliminating the miscommunication between parties.

After-Sales Services

After the customer builds a house with us, worry not about after-sales service. We build a house with a work guarantee and maintain services throughout the life of the house. We have a full range of services such as landscape work, gardening and lawn work to provide peace around the house in the way you choose.

What Our Clients Say


Owner, Project Saphan 99

"Good design, I like it very much. The real house is much more beautiful than in the model. The entire house construction process looks very professional, the structures are durable and strong."
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